Joana Bretz – Chief Executive Officer of Cinar Brasil

Accurate results and better performance guaranteed.

CINAR Brasil specializes in consulting and developing computer simulation projects for the combustion industry.

Our Solutions

Emissions Reduction

Along with the complexities of combustion, calcination and clinkerisation, pollutants formation raises additional issues. With CINAR’s simulation, it is possible to identify how those pollutants are formed and how to reduce their emissions to comply with legislation, preventing expensive solutions.


Production Capacity

CINAR Brasil’s consulting services enable the simulation of different scenarios and the proposal of the best way to expand the production capacity, preventing unnecessary spending and ensuring greater return on investment.


Powdery Clinker

CINAR can evaluate the flame stability of your equipment, offering solutions to reduce the formation of powdery clinker.


Alternative Fuels

Through the MI-CFD simulations, the best locations for injecting each AFR fraction are determined, while evaluating the impact on emissions and ensuring complete combustion and high calcination levels.


Energy Efficiency

With CINAR’s simulation, it’s possible to visualize how the combustion and calcination are happening inside the equipment, and identify which changes can be done to increase the efficiency.

Why CINAR Brasil?

Global knowledge, with local service.

CINAR Brasil has been providing customized solutions related to industrial combustion for almost 30 years

With proprietary technology, a “shop floor” trained team, and global experience in 39 countries, CINAR achieves the best results with lower costs.

Our clients